Born and raised in a wealthy and elite family in Heron Kalan(Punjab),
Jaswinder Singh acquired business skills at a very young age.

He started managing his family business when he was in high school. Jaswinder’s family is known in the region for making jewelry of exceptional quality as well as for bringing major agriculture innovations.

When it was time to take business responsibilities in his own hands, Jaswinder’s capability to innovate grew exponentially. From creating detailed jewelry designs to maximising agricultural yield, Jaswinder used his curiosity quite brilliantly. However, life had something else in store for him because jewels, gems, and land weren’t his calling. His inquisitiveness soon found the right chord to strike: software development.

Jaswinder showed keen interest in understanding how software and file systems work. He bought a Nokia 3650 (Yes, this happened when Nokia was a big thing and 3650 was the hip gadget to own) and learnt how to copy and install different software on the phone without using a PC. Interestingly, Jaswinder didn’t let his interest get in the way of his education. As a matter of fact, mobile technology is what helped him choose his path. His love for technology motivated, rather inspired him to go for PGDCA.

The major turning point in Jaswinder’s life came on October 21st, 2006 when he decided to move to Chandigarh. This was when he started learning networking from Jetking. This was also the time when Jaswinder started pursuing MCA.

In December 2008, he founded Tech Prastish Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (TPSS), before his MCA results were declared. It’s been more than a decade now and TPSS is more than 100 people strong.

But that’s not all about Jaswinder, his artistic inclination is also worth mentioning. An avid writer with free flowing thoughts, Jaswinder loves writing poems that embark readers and listeners on a journey within. He has also directed and produced a short film for which he also wrote the screenplay as well as dialogs.

When it comes to sports, Jaswinder likes to take part in sports that bring more than fitness to the table. He absolutely loves playing volleyball and cricket. He believes these sports help people understand and appreciate the true meaning of teamwork. He also likes to drive in mountain rallies. He says off-road rallies help people to change their perspective. Instead of looking at obstacles, we start looking for solutions and ways out of a problem. And then there’s chess, the centuries old game that works on planning and strategies.

For Jaswinder, his journey began when he was a high school student, and he says he’s not halfway there. His poems are a reflection of the journey so far and the roads to come.

I am not
afraid of
for I have seen
I love today.